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As Friends of Tenwek prepares to celebrate its fifth anniversary next year, we are looking back with deep gratitude on the many important projects that our donors have funded in 2016. Gifts totaling $100,000 were raised and/or disbursed to support critical initiatives that have helped Tenwek Hospital accomplish its healing and teaching mission.

Major areas of support included:



Emergency funding to replace the hospital’s oxygen compressor ($30,000)






Purchase of a new Sonosite Portable Ultrasound machine for the Radiology Department ($27,000)




Dining Hall for WEB


Construction of a new dining hall as part of the School of Nursing expansion project ($20,000)






The purchase of seven Stryker gurneys for the Gastroenterology Department ($21,141)




Special Needs Clinic-Page 3 Faith


Establishing the “Faith Fund for Special Needs” ($14,732)






Seed money for the purchase of a facility in Bomet that will house an outpatient clinic ($4,650)






New roofing to provide patients with protection as they are transported between the Radiology and Surgery buildings ($4,650)






Payment of hospital bills for 148 orphans through the Orphan Mercy Fund ($3,199)




Thank you for your generous support throughout the year. These critical needs could not have been met without your faithfulness in prayer and giving. Whether you made a one-time gift to a need that touched your heart or you are supporting Tenwek with regular gifts as a Sustaining Friend, we value your trust and appreciate your support. Every gift represents a heart that is devoted to all that God is doing at and through Tenwek Hospital!

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