Friends of Tenwek is a U.S.-based, non-profit organization dedicated to developing key relationships and resources that can help Tenwek Hospital fulfill its mission. Through this web site and our newsletter, we are offering physicians who have served at Tenwek Hospital the opportunity to reconnect with the people and mission of Tenwek Hospital. We want you to be informed about and involved with what’s happening at Tenwek today.


New Oncology Service will Provide Coordinated, Comprehensive Care for Patients with Cancer 

 For decades, Tenwek Hospital has been unable to meet the critical medical needs of cancer patients. This is not unusual in a nation that is still developing medical systems and solutions that can be delivered in rural and remote regions. But addressing the need for earlier detection, proper diagnosis, and effective treatment of multiple kinds of cancer has become a top priority for Tenwek Hospital leaders. The commitment to provide oncology services reflects their dedication to maintaining the hospital’s designation as a Christian teaching and referral hospital at the highest level.


John Spriegel, M.D., a long-time missionary doctor at Tenwek, knows first-hand the critical need to add a comprehensive oncology service. “While Tenwek has become a referral hospital in many medical specialties for much of Western Kenya, we are also referring out two cancer patients each day. Some of these patients can handle the travel and expense of seeking treatment in Nairobi. But most, in fact, go home and die. And, like many of our patients, those who come to us with cancer need the spiritual touch of Christ’s healing ministry and not just the medicines we that we have to offer.” Read more.

Your Giving Creates Impact!

Since FOT began to build a network of supporters for Tenwek Hospital in 2012, it has funded numerous projects that enhance the medical and spiritual care extended to hospital patients and their surrounding communities. Every gift supports Tenwek’s mission of providing compassionate health care that reflects the love of Christ for all people. All of FOT’s funding decisions are made in full partnership with Tenwek Hospital leaders – their priorities are our priorities! We also support outreach programs that enhance the health, spiritual life, and well-being of residents in the greater Bomet area.

Read more about the impact of your gifts in 2018.



Threads of Hope

Threads of Hope is a vocational training center for vulnerable women living in extreme poverty in the greater Bomet area. It was founded under the direction of Tenwek Community Health and Development in February 2018.  Suzie Vaughan, who travels to Tenwek for service each year with her husband, Read Vaughan, M.D., was instrumental in creating and developing the program.

During an eight-month tailoring apprenticeship, women gain vocational training and life skills, develop business acumen, and receive spiritual mentorship. Their work produces school uniforms for orphans, sanitary pads for use in prisons and schools, purses, aprons and other items for sale to visitors. “As our women find a sense of community, acceptance, and encouragement, we pray that their sense of dignity, self-worth and hope is restored,” says Suzie. Read more here.