About FOT

A Message from Dr. David Hoover

When I first arrived at Kenya’s Tenwek Hopsital in 1994, I was a visiting medical student assigned to rotations in pediatrics and surgery. Little did I realize how profoundly that experience would impact me personally and professionally. In the years since, I have returned to Tenwek numerous times as a visiting physician and am continually awed by the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that takes place at the hospital and in the surrounding areas that Tenwek serves through its comprehensive community health programs.

I have spoken with many other physicians who were similarly impacted by their Tenwek experience, but who have not yet had the opportunity to return as they once hoped to do. As we all recognize, “life gets in the way.” That’s why, in 2009, I gathered with a group of family and friends to found Friends of Tenwek, a U.S.-based, non-profit organization dedicated to developing key relationships and resources that can help the hospital fulfill its mission.

Through this web site and our newsletter, we are offering physicians who have served at Tenwek Hospital the opportunity to reconnect with the people and mission of Tenwek Hospital. We want you to be informed about and involved with what’s happening at Tenwek today.

I invite you to “Share Your Story” about Tenwek with others who have served there and share our passion for supporting the hospital’s mission with our time, talent, and treasure. You also can sign up to receive regular news and information about the hospital through FOT’s newsletter.

I encourage you to join other Tenwek “alumni” who cherish their experience and want to remain informed and involved. You might find yourself planning a return visit to experience, once again, the “miracle” of Tenwek!

David Hoover, M.D.