Your Giving Creates Impact!

Since FOT began to build a network of supporters for Tenwek Hospital in 2012, it has funded numerous projects that enhance the medical and spiritual care extended to hospital patients and their surrounding communities. Every gift supports Tenwek’s mission of providing compassionate health care that reflects the love of Christ for all people. All of FOT’s funding decisions are made in full partnership with Tenwek Hospital leaders – their priorities are our priorities! We also support outreach programs that enhance the health, spiritual life, and well-being of residents in the greater Bomet area.

FOT Sets Fundraising Record in 2018

FOT received $805,972 USD in donations in 2018 – the highest amount raised since inception! With an all-volunteer staff, FOT expenses are kept to a minimum; just 5% of revenue ($40,438) was needed for fundraising, communications, and operational expenses. That means 95% of every dollar raised was available to support the mission and work of Tenwek Hospital.

2018 Highlights:

  • Since 2014, FOT has provided $217,000 USD (50% of the total cost) to renovate and equip the Bomet Annex, with $63,000 donated in 2018. Tenwek’s first outpatient clinic located beyond the main hospital campus opened in August 2018 and over 10,000 patents have been treated there to date!
  • Following a serious fire at Tenwek in February 2017, FOT raised a total $247,000 USD to assist with restoration efforts. Early gifts provided immediate relief for critical needs, which allowed all vital service to become quickly operational. Additional gifts supported rebuilding efforts and safety improvements that continued throughout 2018.
  • FOT provided $50,000 and a $150,000 interest-free loan that enabled Tenwek Hospital to purchase a new, 64-slice Siemens CT Scanner to replace an aging 4-slice scanner installed in 2011.
  • To support a new vision for the Tenwek Hospital College School of Chaplaincy, FOT invested $10,000 USD to help develop a new, three-year curriculum that will train chaplains from throughout Africa for service in hospitals, prisons, and schools; for work with police and the military; and for front-line service in times of natural disaster or national trauma.
  • Donations to support housing for residents training in various medical specialties at Tenwek totaled $37,339 USD.

This is an inspiring record of outstanding support from hundreds of dedicated donors.

Thank you!