The Faith Fund for Special Needs

This fund was named for Faith, one of the first children to be treated at Tenwek’s Special Needs Clinic, which opened in 2015. Born with spina bifida, Faith spent the first seven years of her life at home crawling on her hands and knees. After evaluation at the SNC, she was fitted with special shoes and a pediatric walker and her life was transformed. Today, Faith is thriving and attending school where she has reached Grade 3 and is a stellar student. She walks with the assistance of forearm crutches and leg braces which, because of her growing body, need replacement twice a year.

Donations to the Faith fund are used to cover SNC costs, including therapy visits and adaptive equipment – expenses that the children’s families cannot afford. Last year, FOT’s more than $20,000 of support included the purchase of 34 wheelchairs suitable for rural terrain – each one representing God’s love and providing a child with the opportunity to engage life in an exciting new way.