THCSHS Student Spotlights

A native of Bomet County, Dominick earned his nursing diploma from the Tenwek Hospital College School of Health Sciences (THCSHS) in 2015. His school fees were sponsored by FOT donors. He took a job at Tenwek directly after graduation and is now in his sixth year of working in the maternity department. Dominick met his wife Millicent, also a THCSHS graduate, and the two now have a three-year-old son, Ivan.

dominickWith his training and occupation, Dominick has been able to buy his mother a plot of land and pay for his siblings’ school fees. Seven years after graduating, Dominick can look back on his life and celebrate where God has brought him.

“I really don’t think I could be where I am today if I had not received the support that I needed,” Dominick said. “So my life has changed through your support.”

While Dominick’s story is certainly inspirational, so is the fact that it’s not the only one like it.

FOT_2021-97FOT donors have also supported students like Winnie. As the second-oldest of seven siblings raised by a single mother, Winnie is now a third-year nursing student realizing her dreams.

“I want to thank you all for your contribution, for the money you’ve given to me so that I can continue with my studies,” she said. “I really thank you so much.”

KipkiruiKipkirui is in his third year of studying to be a clinical officer. With six months left in his studies, he is thankful for those who have helped him along the way.

“I’ve been grateful for the assistance you gave me to fulfill that dream, because it was almost lost,” Kipkirui said. “I’m seeing a bright future to further my studies because I’ve been given this chance.”

EnockEnock is the oldest of five children raised by tea pickers in Bomet County. A second-year clinical officer student, Enock is planning to work on the orthopedic ward.

“I’m just happy to hear that supporters are going to pay my school fees,” Enock said.

Fancy, a Bomet County native, is in her third year at the College’s nursing program. She’s had to make sacrifices to reach her goals. As the oldest of eight children, Fancy lives at home with her father, a school security guard, and mother, a homemaker, to save money. Tenwek donors have eased some of her burden.

Fancy“I’m very grateful for all the helping hands to me,” Fancy said. “You stepped in and helped me realize my goal. I can see that my dream will come true.”

Dominick, Winnie, Kipkirui, Enock and Fancy have worked tirelessly to gain skills that will enable them to become excellent health care providers that can care for patients in Christ’s name. And throughout their journeys, FOT donors have been part of the story.

“Through the support, so many lives have been touched, and may God bless you,” Dominick said. “There’s nothing I can give to say thank you, but we can do the same by helping others.”


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