Tenwek’s New HMIS Scheduled to Go Live in March

Phase I of Tenwek Hospital’s conversion to an all-new HMIS platform is scheduled to go live in early March. After many months of intensive planning, testing, system integration, and training, the hospital will launch the system using four new servers, fiber optic cables, and 42 Terabytes of storage capacity. The ITDOSE Hospedia software and Microsoft Business Dynamics program, customized by Iansoft, include both patient care and operations components.
Phase I will integrate the majority of Tenwek’s clinical services into the Hospedia patient care system. Phase II will see the integration of the remaining clinical services and the implementation of the operational components, including the queue management system, smart phone apps, a work order system, and departmental income/expense reporting.

FOT donors have invested over $450,000 in the new HMIS, enabling Tenwek to set a new standard of care and accountability through technology – one that is being emulated by another prominent Nairobi hospital. Thank you for your support!