TCHD’s Hygiene Mission is More Important than Ever

Tenwek’s Community Health & Development program (TCHD) has a long history of promoting clean water and safe sanitation programs. Since 1992, TCHD has helped 119 schools in Bomet and Kericho Counties of Kenya improve their water facilities and hygiene practices.

With the onset of COVID-19 adding new urgency to promoting handwashing, a generous FOT donor has stepped forward to provide up to $25,000 to sponsor liquid soap-making workshops in the community. Under the program, TCHD provides the supplies and training to equip community members to make the soap, which is then provided to area schools, clinics, and residents as an alternative to purchasing expensive bar soap. Church leaders who participated in TCHD’s recent COVID-19 training were encouraged to introduce the soap-making program in their own communities.

Jonathan Bii, TCHD’s Program Director, notes that three teams are conducting daily outreach in various parts of Bomet, Kericho, Narok, and Nakura counties. Activities include using a mobile public address system to broadcast COVID-19 prevention messages, distribution of the liquid soap, and hand-washing demonstrations.

To date, more than 1200 liters of soap have been distributed and training has been extended to multiple groups, including a Bomet prison. As hoped for, demand and use of the liquid soap is very high. Mr. Bii expects to expand the soap making workshops in schools and prisons as more communities in the area learn of this economical use of local resources.