Sue Steury Building Appeal a Big Success!

A big THANK YOU to our many generous donors who recently gave over $200k to fund critical renovations to the Sue Steury Building! Tenwek is facing a strict timeline to move the COVID-19 Holding Area and Care Unit (CHACU) to the Steury Building and faithful FOT benefactors stepped up to provide the necessary funds. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With the prompt infusion of funds for the project, the third floor of the Steury Building is nearly completed, and the CHACU and Tenwek’s administrative offices are scheduled to occupy the new space in March. There are currently three COVID-positive patients in the CHACU, which will make the move of that unit into the Sue Steury building easier to accomplish. Please continue to pray that COVID infections remain low and that the move of these services into the Sue Steury building happens smoothly and quickly.

The new CHACU will have 25 beds, plus a three-bed ICU, and will become a permanent unit for future infectious disease patients. Renovations to the building’s first and second floors – to accommodate the renal/dialysis and oncology units, a 17-bed wound ward, and other auxiliary services – will be completed later this spring. Construction of the new Accident & Emergency Centre can now begin in time to secure a $500,000 USAID grant.