Pray for Tenwek Hospital

Many of you have asked about the impact of COVID-19 at Tenwek Hospital and how you can help. We recently received the following list of prayer requests from Tenwek Hospital’s Medical Director and Acting President.

Please join us in prayer for the needs listed below. We have opened an FOT “Prayer Room” where you can sign up for a slot of time to pray for Tenwek during September.


• Sufficient measures to curb the pandemic in Kenya to prevent hospitals, nation-wide, from becoming overwhelmed
• Adequate rest and peace for our entire Tenwek Hospital staff
• Ability and authorization to perform COVID-19 testing on-site at Tenwek Hospital
• National Health Insurance Fund recognition of Tenwek Hospital as a designated facility to deliver COVID-19 care, which will permit reimbursement for such care
• Adequate funds for the increasing staffing needs at Tenwek Hospital
• Ability to purchase sufficient numbers of N95 masks (about 1,000 per month) of adequate quality to appropriately protect staff members and patients
• Smooth and safe resumption of service by visiting physicians
• The Lord’s protection for our staff members from serious illness