New Staff Coats Promote Pride, Professionalism, Team Spirit

Tenwek recently distributed new white staff coats – provided by FOT – to Tenwek’s physicians, medical officers, and clinical officers. Each person received two coats that are embroidered with the individual’s name and department. The Tenwek Hospital logo appears above the breast pocket and the FOT logo appears on the left shoulder.

“I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to FOT for providing funds for the beautiful branded white coats. I know they will enhance our team spirit and patient/family recognition of Tenwek Hospital care providers,” noted Dr. Steve Burgert, Tenwek’s Medical Superintendent.

Festus Korir, Tenwek’s Human Resource Director, noted that the staff are “looking sharp” in the new coats. “This will go a long way in promoting our brand policy and at the same time a sense of accountability in our work.”

Hospital CEO Shem Tangus agreed. “I join my colleagues to express our deepest gratitude for this support. Our staff are really grateful that FOT agreed to give support towards these white coats.”