Meet the FOT Ambassador – Janie Leland

Janie Leland was appointed the new FOT Ambassador and arrived at Tenwek in June. She serves on-site at Tenwek Hospital to help us make essential connections with U.S. physicians, welcoming visitors into the FOT family. She hosts visiting staff and families at the guest house and provides information and insights about ministry opportunities within the Tenwek community. She also gathers news and stories to keep the Friends of Tenwek informed about what’s happening at Tenwek today.

Janie and her sister Caroline

Originally from Tarboro, North Carolina, Janie graduated from the University of Texas at Austin last year with a degree in Community Education. In 1990, Janie’s parents lived and worked at Tenwek Hospital as newlyweds, then returned with their five children in 2002 for a short-term trip, so she’s especially thrilled to return to a place formative in her childhood.

Janie has loved her first months as the FOT Ambassador. “It has been a joy and delight to live and work at Tenwek Hospital. My favorite part of the job is meeting YOU – long conversations at mealtimes, spending time together volunteering at the hospital, town trips to Bomet … and the list continues! It’s been an honor and privilege to get to know some of the most amazing folks in the world. As the supporters of Tenwek Hospital, you truly are the heartbeat of FOT. Thank you for your generosity and eagerness to connect to the work of the hospital and the greater Tenwek community, because you are blessing more people than you know. Feel welcome to come join us at Tenwek – there’s always more room at the table!”

You can keep up with Janie and her Tenwek adventures on her blog: We are thrilled to have Janie working at Tenwek to enhance and expand the FOT community!