HMIS System Upgrade Will Improve Patient Care and Maximize Revenue

In 2013, with support from FOT, Tenwek introduced its first Health Management Information System (HMIS). This massive project created integrated electronic patient records; streamlined patient accounting; improved payroll processing and personnel records; and enhanced the hospital’s ability to monitor, assess, and forecast its financial information. As a result, Tenwek’s patient care and administrative operations were significantly improved.

Tenwek’s medical staff appreciates the opportunities provided by electronic patient medical records and administrators value the financial insights the integrated HMIS has provided. They are eager to implement an update that will further enhance care and improve processes.

The time and expense invested in building a network, installing workstations and training Tenwek staff to handle a computerized process laid the groundwork for future upgrades – and the future is now!

Tenwek is embarking on a new business model that will enable hospital administrators to conduct an accurate assessment of the profit and loss components of its medical services with analysis by cost-centers. Recognizing that “with no margin, there is no mission,” the new IT DOSE clinical system, in combination with Kinetics financial package, will provide more efficient delivery of patient care as well as clarity on how to maximize the hospital’s opportunities for revenue in order to cover services for needy patients.

The new HMIS is an essential element of Tenwek’s tomorrow. It will lay the groundwork for continued hospital growth and help build a more sustainable future.

Because this is a critical need – and can be effectively addressed even in the midst of the pandemic – the FOT Board is making it an immediate priority to raise $250,000 – approximately one-half of the system’s cost – as soon as possible. To make a gift in support of this critical initiative, please use the button below to access a secure, online form.