FOT’s New Fundraising Focus

Fundraising will support Tenwek’s medical and spiritual education initiatives

 During its recent annual meeting, the FOT Board of Directors and a number of its medical specialty “Champions” engaged in a robust discussion about what draws physicians to serve and support the mission and work of Tenwek Hospital.

FOT Board President, Dr. David Hoover, summed up the conversation this way. “As a rule, we physicians enjoy training others and passing our knowledge on to the next generation – to create a multiplying effect of education and experience.”

Tenwek provides exceptional training to the physicians, nurses, and clinical officers (physician assistants) who are enrolled in a range of educational programs offered there, including Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) residency training in the areas of general surgery, orthopedics, cardiac surgery, and soon, OB/GYN. A significant expansion of the scope and facilities for Tenwek’s International School of Chaplaincy also is underway.

Visiting physicians add a vital dimension of training to Tenwek’s medical staff, interns, clinical officers, and nursing students as they bring their expertise and experience to short-term mission assignments arranged through World Medical Mission.

This focus on sharing medical education and clinical expertise to empower and equip the next generation of African physicians will guide FOT’s ongoing support for Tenwek Hospital. The goals for future fundraising projects will be to support medical and spiritual education needs as identified in partnership with Tenwek Hospital leaders.

 FOT will create a catalog that details the many ways this new focus on medical and spiritual education can be supported by donors. This could include, for example, sponsorships for resident’ training, housing for residents, scholarships for medical and chaplaincy students, and construction of new facilities for the School of Chaplaincy, as well as other needs that are identified.

This new focus for FOT fundraising affirms its longstanding commitment to Tenwek Hospital’s status as a Christian community with a unique medical and spiritual mission to heal, train, and send for the glory of God. “We are committed to this work because of its profound spiritual dimension,” says Dr. Hoover. “It’s not just humanitarian work – the love of God and the redeeming hope of life in Christ is being extended to patients and families throughout Kenya and all of Africa.”