FOT Board Welcomes New Member

Each year, the FOT Board is pleased to welcome a full-time missionary doctor from Tenwek to serve on its Board of Directors during the time that individual is on leave in the United States. The person filling this seat annually brings important perspective, insight, and experience to Board deliberations.

This year, the Board has been pleased to welcome Dino Crognale, M.D. to this position. Dino’s specialty is Family Medicine and he serves in multiple roles at Tenwek. He is the chair of medical education and leads Tenwek’s Family Medicine Residency Program. He is also the director of Emergency Medicine (Casualty) at Tenwek and heads the Cardiac Ultrasound unit.

Dino’s wife, Janice, is also a Family Medicine physician and works part-time at Tenwek. They have three children, ages 8, 12, and 18. The family answered the call to full-time mission work at Tenwek 12 years ago.