A Fresh Focus – An Enduring Commitment

Since 2012, FOT has been committed to developing the relationships and resources that will help Tenwek Hospital fulfill its mission. This powerful network of physicians and donors has provided vital support to a wide range of needs and initiatives at Tenwek.

To date, FOT has invested nearly $1.3 million of financial assistance to advance Tenwek’s medical and spiritual care. Fifteen medical specialty “Champions” have worked diligently to recruit their colleagues for short-term medical mission visits to Tenwek where they share their knowledge and expertise with Tenwek staff while caring for patients.

FOT’s fresh focus on supporting Tenwek’s medical and spiritual education initiatives aligns with its foundational purpose and positions FOT to continue as a valuable partner to and participant in Tenwek’s mission.

“The goals for FOT’s future fundraising projects will be to support medical and spiritual education needs as identified in partnership with Tenwek Hospital leaders.

We are committed to this work because of its profound spiritual dimension. It’s not just humanitarian work – the love of God and the redeeming hope of life in Christ is being extended to patients and families throughout Kenya and all of Africa.”

Dr. David Hoover, President, Friends of Tenwek