Meet Richard Glenn – FOT’s New Ambassador

Richard Glenn has been appointed the FOT Ambassador at Tenwek Hospital. Richard and his family – wife Callie, and children Emma, Stephen, Charlotte, and William – arrived at Tenwek in January. As FOT’s on-site representative at Tenwek, he will make essential connections with U.S. physicians and welcome visitors into the FOT family.

This includes hosting visiting staff and families at the guest house and providing information and insights about ministry opportunities within the Tenwek community. Richard will work closely with Janie Leland, FOT’s Director of Development, to keep FOT’s benefactors and friends informed about the news and needs at Tenwek Hospital.

A resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, Richard and his family are eager to support Tenwek’s transformative medical and spiritual care, specifically through service with FOT. You will find him playing soccer (or football, as they call it in Kenya) with the local kids, encouraging and uplifting the staff at the hospital, and meeting and serving visiting staff and families at the Guest House. Richard will always have something in his back pocket to be able to brighten everyone’s day!