January COVID-19 Update

The Republic of Kenya has now recorded nearly 97,000 COVID-19 positive test results, with over 1,600 fatalities. To date, the total number of COVID-19 cases diagnosed at Tenwek has reached 181. Twenty patients have died. Of the 39 staff members who have contracted the virus, all have recovered or are recovering, with most already able to return to work. Fifteen patients are currently receiving care in the 21-bed dedicated COVID Holding Area & Care Unit (CHACU), with some awaiting test results. Tenwek also has been able to conduct COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Testing for over 90 patients. This has permitted more prompt patient care planning.

The 21-bed CHACU has been fully occupied at times, with the Lower Holding Area also being used for convalescing patients. Despite success with home-based care, Tenwek leaders expect the number of cases requiring hospitalization to continue for some time. Please continue to pray for Tenwek’s patients and staff, and for their families. 

Staffing the CHACU requires a team of more than 35 people, which includes nurses, medical officers, clinical officers, housekeepers and other ancillary positions. This emergency has placed a significant strain on the hospital’s contingency resources. FOT’s Board of Directors has pledged to provide $60,000 over the next few months in support of staffing needs in the COVID-dedicated unit.

If you would like to make a gift in support of this urgent need at Tenwek, please use the button below to open a secure online form.