Tenwek and FOT Celebrate Opening of Bomet Annex

Joy – gratitude – excitement. These sentiments and more were on display August 25, 2018 when the Tenwek Hospital Annex – Bomet, a freestanding outpatient clinic – officially opened in Bomet. Hospital and church leaders, government officials, representatives from Friends of Tenwek (FOT), and Bomet residents gathered to celebrate the milestone achievement.

Bomet Country Governor Dr. Joyce Laboso joined African Gospel Bishop Rev. Dr. Robert Lang’at, and Tenwek Hospital CEO Geoffrey Langat in thanking everyone who contributed to the success of the project, which began with the purchase of the land and building in 2014.

FOT Board member and Treasurer Don Hoover represented the scores of donors whose gifts helped fund the project. Since providing an early gift of $40,000 to assist with the purchase of the building, FOT donors have contributed over $217,000 to renovate and furnish the clinic. This includes purchase of x-ray, EKG, and defibrillator equipment, as well as nearly $112,000 in construction costs that were matched by funds from Tenwek Hospital.

At leftLeaders from Tenwek Hospital, Africa Gospel Church, local government, and FOT gather for a dedication prayer.

In a dedication prayer, Don expressed the hopes of all FOT donors. “Dr. Ernie Steury, the first doctor of Tenwek Hospital was known for his compassionate hands. So I pray that patients coming to this clinic will experience the compassionate hands that make ‘We Treat… Jesus Heals’ a reality.”

Extensive renovations transformed the former nursing home structure into a modern, attractive, accessible facility that will serve the residents of Bomet for years to come.  A new roof, floors, walls, plumbing, and windows were installed. The interior provides a spacious waiting area, private exam and treatment rooms, and areas for diagnostic x-ray and laboratory services. Exterior improvements include the widening of the access ramp, a new parking area, stone paths, entrance portico, and landscaping.

At left: Tenwek CEO Geoffrey Langat (right) touring the pharmacy with the Bomet County Governor Dr. Joyce Laboso and regional health officials.


Outpatient services are available Monday through Saturday with on-site care offered by a Medical or Clinical Officer. The clinic offers laboratory, ultrasound, x-ray, and pharmacy services. Counseling and Chaplain resources also are available.

The projected need for a satellite outpatient clinic available to working people unable to visit the main Tenwek campus has been immediately confirmed.  By the end of September, the new clinic had already served over 1,800 patients, with September clinic visits averaging 36 patients per day.

Tenwek Hospital’s enduring message – We Treat, Jesus Heals – is resonating in a new way throughout Bomet. As word spreads about the compassion and care available from Tenwek staff at the clinic, the hospital’s medical and spiritual mission will impact thousands of new patients.

Thank you to every FOT donor who helped make the Bomet Annex a reality! Your generosity is a true blessing to the people of Kenya!


FOT’s Impact: From Fire Recovery to Fire Prevention

The immediate and overwhelming generosity of FOT donors in response to the February 2018 fire at Tenwek Hospital has accelerated the hospital’s recovery from the devastating event. FOT quickly raised funds to meet immediate needs in the aftermath of the fire, including the relocation of essential services and repairs to the damaged building and surrounding areas. Gift totaling more than $231,000, received from over 200 donors worldwide, continue to support Tenwek’s recovery and rebuilding efforts.

In addition to damage in the hospital’s kitchen, laundry, sterilization, Wound Care, and statistics areas, the fire revealed other vulnerabilities. These included the absence of a fire-fighting system on the hospital campus and lack of mobile transport to move patients safely across campus. If not for the quick and courageous work of volunteers, the fire could have spread rapidly.

With recovery efforts underway, additional FOT funds have helped rebuild the hospital kitchen, supported repairs and construction in other key areas, enabled the purchase of an ambulance, and aided with the installation of an on-site fire suppression system.  The new system includes a hose reel system and emergency pump designed to activate 18 high-pressure water hydrants located on the main hospital campus.

tenwek-today-fall-2019At left: The restored kitchen.

The damaged building was dedicated in 1997 to Sue Steury, who served at Tenwek for 38 years alongside her husband, Dr. Ernie Steury, the hospital’s first physician. The redesigned facility, which is being strategically reconstructed to house additional clinical and support services, will be called the Sue Steury Building.

According to Tenwek Hospital CEO Geoffrey Langat, the fire “could have been a disaster, but it was a blessing. “I see God’s blessing to Tenwek through FOT. They are true friends and true partners who are there in times of need.”


New Priority Projects for Funding

In collaboration with Tenwek Hospital leaders, the Board of Directors of FOT has identified three new priorities for funding. These projects address specific medical, spiritual, and academic aspects of Tenwek Hospital that will improve patient care, enhance the academic environment for students in the Hospital’s College of Health Sciences, and prepare future chaplains.

Renal & Oncology Unit

There is an increasing demand for oncology and dialysis care at Tenwek Hospital. The establishment of a dedicated unit, with more treatment rooms and new equipment, will allow Tenwek to retain its designation as a teaching and referral hospital at the highest level.  The expansion is strengthened by two other initiatives: Kenya’s National Insurance Fund covers the cost for twice-weekly dialysis treatment, and training for personnel to deliver these medical services is available within Kenya.

At Left: Plans for the Renal & Oncology Unit in the former chaplain students’ hostel.

Phase 1 projected total cost: $181,955
FOT Fundraising Goal: $91,000 (50% of cost in partnership with Tenwek Hospital)

International School of Chaplaincy

Tenwek has offered chaplaincy training since 1991, educating more than 200 students from 11 African countries. The curriculum was restructured in 2016-17 to include higher-level academic and practical training, consistent with the specialized chaplaincy requirements at an international level. Training equips graduates for ministry in healthcare, military, police, prison, education, refugee, disaster relief, corporate, and sports settings. Current classroom and housing facilities for students and staff are inadequate for an accredited program. New construction on land adjacent to the hospital campus will address administrative, classroom, and residence needs for 100 students and lay a strong foundation for future growth.
At Left: Campus concept drawing
Projected total cost: $2,800,000
FOT’s Director of Development will take the lead in soliciting and coordinating support for this project from various funding organizations, churches, and individual donors, including FOT members.

 College of Health Sciences Library

Tenwek’s College of Health Sciences (formerly the Nursing School) has grown dramatically since its founding in 1987. Forty new nurse trainees now enroll annually. In September 2018, 13 students began training as Clinical Officers (equivalent to Physician Assistant) and the College is increasing its capacity by 77%. The current library can accommodate only 36 students studying print materials and 15 students using computers.  The existing building that houses the library and classrooms will be renovated and expanded to incorporate a new, modern library, additional classroom space, a computer lab, and small group study rooms.
At Left: site for the library at the end of the building
Projected total cost: $182,666
FOT Fundraising Goal: $137,000 (75% of cost in partnership with Tenwek Hospital)

These are admittedly ambitious fundraising goals. But each need reflects Tenwek’s steadfast commitment to fulfill its unique healing, teaching, and spiritual mission. We see this as an opportunity to broaden and deepen FOT’s partnership with Tenwek by providing meaningful support for these essential initiatives. We are deeply grateful for your past gifts and prayers and hope we can count on your continuing support.

Additional details and updates will be provided as the projects unfold next year. To make a year-end gift to one of these projects, please  use this secure online form where you can direct your donation. Thank You!


Don Hoover Named FOT’s Director of Development

Don Hoover, a founding FOT Board member and current treasurer, has been appointed as FOT’s first Director of Development.  In his new volunteer role, Don will personally connect with donors, work to expand the FOT community of supporters, and deepen philanthropic support for FOT’s funding priorities.

Don’s career specialty included sales and sales management roles with IBM. He also served as CEO of Sunrise Software, a company he co-managed with his wife Pat to provide job cost accounting solutions to construction companies. He is an active member of Carmel Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC, where he has served as an elder, deacon, and Bible study teacher.

Don and Pat have been married for 56 years. They have three children and 13 grandchildren and have been true “friends” of Tenwek Hospital for many years. Don’s passion for Tenwek’s mission and his expertise will guide FOT to a new stage of growth and impact.