Bomet Annex

Bomet Annex Will Transform Medical Care in County Capital

Tenwek Hospital leaders are poised to open the Bomet Annex early this summer, expanding outpatient care and compassion to the city’s more than 110,000 residents. Tenwek CEO Mr. Geoffrey Langat is excited by this new opportunity to transform how people receive urgent and routine care in a new setting. “We are bringing health care closer to the people who need it,” he explains. “And we are expanding the ministry of Tenwek Hospital.”

The Bomet Annex property was purchased by Tenwek Hospital in late 2014 with assistance from Friends of Tenwek. It is the ideal location for an outpatient clinic, close to government and private industry offices, a teacher’s college, and several banks. The main goal of the new service is to attract and serve area business and professional workers who want to benefit from Tenwek’s expertise in patient care but are unable to utilize the hospital’s existing clinic because of the lengthy wait times.

The hospital’s current outpatient clinic treats an average of 430 patients each day, with treatment times from registration to discharge often spanning five to six hours or more. This makes it difficult for people who cannot leave work, school, and business activities to be seen by a doctor.

The new clinic will help relieve congestion and improve efficiency at the hospital clinic. It also will attract new patients who will receive both excellent medical care and the opportunity to hear the Gospel message. In much the same way that Tenwek’s regional network of dispensaries has brought medical care and spiritual hope to people where they live, the Bomet Annex will embody Tenwek’s mission and work in the city in an exciting new way.

“Excellent workmanship” evident in renovations

The former nursing home facility has been completely restored to meet the requirements of a hospital-managed outpatient clinic. Building renovations have included the installation of a new roof, floors, walls, plumbing, and windows. The interior was redesigned to provide a spacious waiting area, private exam and treatment rooms, and areas for diagnostic x-ray and laboratory services. Exterior improvements include the widening of the access ramp, a new parking area, stone paths, entrance portico, and landscaping.

“It has been a lot of work to renovate an old building and do the work necessary to get it to this new condition,” observes Mr. Langat. “The workmanship has been excellent.” Medical Superintendent Dr. Steve Burgert agrees, adding, “The Bomet Annex is a very beautiful and inviting facility for our patients and their families.”

The Bomet Annex will open with a staff of 10-11 medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, and receptionists. As the service expands in numbers and scope, the hospital expects staffing to grow as well. At the time of this writing, there are several more administrative steps with the local government that need to be taken prior to opening. This includes a tie-in to the city’s wastewater system and issuing a license for the facility. The hospital is awaiting delivery and installation of the x-ray equipment and also needs to integrate with the hospital’s electronic medical records system.

The cost to purchase, renovate, and equip the Bomet Annex has been approximately $300,000.  FOT donors have provided more than half of the funds needed for the project. “We are so grateful to all of the Friends of Tenwek,” says Mr. Langat as he reflects on the partnership that made the project possible. “They have stood with us both in times of expansion and progress and in times of need. God is using them to bless Tenwek.”

Thank you for partnering with Tenwek Hospital to make this vital extension of outpatient services possible!

Tenwek Fire

FOT Donors Lead Fire Recovery Efforts

On the evening of February 9, 2018, a fast-spreading fire destroyed a multi-purpose building at Tenwek Hospital. By God’s grace, the patients sleeping in the building’s Wound Ward were safely evacuated while Tenwek staff and community members heroically fought and contained the blaze. There were no serious injuries but the building was destroyed and all of the ancillary services housed in the building were displaced.

FOT quickly sprang into action, raising $65,000 to support immediate needs within days of sending an email appeal. That support has since grown to more than $231,000, representing gifts from 214 donors worldwide. Included in these gifts was some $26,000 donated by 29 South Korean medical students and professors from Yonsei University Health System, many of whom had served at Tenwek Hospital. As one student who is now a doctor reported, “My experience at Tenwek was precious and taught me what kind of doctor I should be. The role of doctors is to treat physical problems, of course. I learned that doctors should be able to not only treat physical illnesses but also comfort and help with spiritual illnesses. And I have been thinking intensively about how to become such a doctor since my time at Tenwek. I have decided to pray with my patients when I enter my hospital clerkship in Korea.”

“True friends” of Tenwek in a time of need

Following the fire, Tenwek Hospital leaders developed a plan to maintain essential services that were displaced by the fire and promptly begin recovery efforts. The infusion of FOT’s “first responder” funds have helped administrators immediately and efficiently manage the crisis and thoughtfully assess and address both temporary and long-term needs.

FOT funds have enabled the hospital to maintain key services that were disrupted by the fire, including operations for patient food services, sterilization, and laundry. Other operations related to statistics, cancer registry, research coordination, social work, and visiting staff have been relocated and restored. (See “Before and After” photos at the end of this post.)

Specifically, FOT funds are being used to rebuild the roof of the burned building and repair those on adjacent structures that sustained damage, relocate displaced offices, repair steam pipes, rewire sterile supply rooms, clear rubble, screed and waterproof facilities, and establish a temporary kitchen to serve patients. The only service that has not been restored yet is the canteen/restaurant that was used by staff and visitors.

The rebuilding effort will focus on locating support services in areas that are separate from patient care wards. The fire prompted a thorough review of the hospital’s emergency plans and administrators are evaluating how to install a fire loop hydrant system that would improve safety throughout the hospital campus.

Even in the midst of the fire and its continuing impact, Tenwek CEO Mr. Geoffrey Langat has seen God’s hand at work. “I saw some people kneeling and praying while others did everything they could to keep the fire from spreading,” he recalls. “It was a sign of great community. People see this place as a gift God has given us and that we must protect. I learned that there are friends of this place that respond. It could have been a disaster, but it was a blessing.”

Mr. Langat continues, “I see God’s blessing to Tenwek through FOT. We have walked a long way together and have accomplished a lot. And in this moment they came through. They are true friends and true partners who are there in times of need. I thank God for them from my heart.”

Thank you to everyone who made a donation to the fire recovery fund for Tenwek Hospital!
Your generosity is making a difference!

The following “Before and After” photos were provided by Dr. Stephen Burgert, Medical Superintendent, Tenwek Hospital

Staff Entrance

Roofing By Sterilization