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FOT Update-page 2-Bomet ClinicThe dream to establish and grow a community of U.S. physicians who have served at Tenwek Hospital and provide them with opportunities to reconnect with the people and mission there, began in 2009. That’s when Dr. David Hoover – who first visited Tenwek in 1994 – began dreaming of an organization dedicated to developing the key relationships and resources that could support Tenwek Hospital and its missionaries. In 2012, Friends of Tenwek (FOT), was incorporated as a non-profit organization for that purpose and began building its community and raising funds.

Today, FOT is thrilled to announce that, since its inception, over 250 donors have contributed more than $1,003,000 to the ministries of Tenwek Hospital!


Major projects include:

  • Purchase and installation of CT Scanner – $290,000
  • Advancing Radiology at Tenwek (ART) – $135,055
  • Purchase and installation of Hospital Management Information System – $110,000
  • Surgical Residency Scholarships – $80,000 (raised to date)
  • Children’s Rallies – $60,000
  • Renovations to Bomet Outpatient Clinic – $55,000 (raised to date)
  • Construction of a new Nursing School Dining Hall – $35,000 (raised to date)
  • Ngito Water Bore Project – $22,500
  • Construction of Residents Building – $20,000
  • Purchase of Infant Incubator – $21,000
  • Mercy Fund for Orphans – $11,775

This is an amazing accomplishment over five years for a grassroots organization that is both building a network and raising funds at the same time.  It is a testimony to the grace and power of God and the bond that is created between Tenwek and those who answer the call the serve there.

FOT is deeply grateful to each individual who has made a donation to support Tenwek. Every gift matters – and its impact is multiplied – to the glory of God.

In the photo above: FOT has raised $55,000 towards a $90,000 pledge for the establishment of a Tenwek Hospital Outpatient Clinic in Bomet.
Left to right: Dr. Mike Chupp; Nelson Kipngeno, a senior nurse in Tenwek’s outpatient department; and Dr. Stephen Manchester.

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