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PAACSArega Fekadu was one of the first two graduates of Tenwek’s Surgical Residency Program, attending from 2010-2012. The program is part of the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) work, which includes hundreds of programs throughout the continent of Africa. Although Dr. Arega had already spent the first two years of his training at PAACS-affiliated hospitals in Ethiopia and Cameroon, he chose to complete his final two years of training at Tenwek in order to gain experience with an acclaimed surgical program.

Dr. Arega (the graduate at left in the photo) was trained at Tenwek by leading physicians in various specialties including orthopedics, thoracic surgery, and neurosurgery. From his previous experience in other African countries, he was able to offer his colleagues a different and dynamic perspective on medicine in addition to the one they observed at Tenwek.

After his graduation from Tenwek’s Surgical Residency Program in 2012, Dr. Arega returned to his home in Ethiopia and started working for his alma mater, Soddo Hospital. In addition to filling a crucial role in general surgery, he also has been able to help support Soddo’s PAACS program in various capacities.

For example, Dr. Arega is planning a trip to Malamullo Hospital in Malawi this April in order to help facilitate the development of a new PAACS program there. It’s a welcome opportunity for him to leverage the education and experience Tenwek provided and “pay it forward” to help train the next generation of leading surgeons in Africa.

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