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Exam results for the recent graduates of Tenwek’s School of Nursing are in – all 20 members of the class passed the Nursing Council exams, making Tenwek one of just five schools in Kenya with a 100% pass rate!  All of the graduates accepted staff positions at Tenwek.

The following profiles illustrate the quality and commitment of Tenwek’s nurses – and provide a glimpse of the impact they will have wherever they serve.

Dominic2-WEB-OPTDominic is a third year student, serving in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit. He chose to study nursing because he wants to serve God, help people in pain, and save lives.

Dominic recalls a patient admitted with a fractured spine who was very anxious and kept asking to remove his oxygen mask. Dominic explained the oxygen was helping keep him alive and did his best to calm him. But when the patient continued calling, Dominic could see that something else was troubling the man. When asked, the man confided he was married but had engaged in several affairs. He trusted Dominic to tell his wife, explain that he was very sorry, and ask her forgiveness. Dominic shared Christ with the man, assuring him that Jesus had forgiven and forgotten all his sins and he could be at peace. After Dominic prayed with him, the patient became calm. By visiting hours he was unresponsive, so Dominic told his wife about her husband’s confession and acceptance of Christ. He also shared the gospel and encouraged and prayed with her. The man died that evening.

Dominic is grateful that his training at Tenwek integrates the spiritual into medical learning; without this he would not have had the confidence to share his faith. Dominic has learned “little prayers can make a big difference and bring peace; God can restore physically if He wants, but He also restores us to eternal life.”

Jacquiline is a third year student currently working in the Operating Room. She recalls her mother being very ill with no one available to care for her. Jacquiline felt a strong conviction to help and believes she has a calling to help patients physically and spiritually.

Jacquiline has learned much from her Tenwek teachers, adding that students remind each other of what they’ve learned. She doesn’t want to leave her patients without sharing the gospel. Jacquiline wakes up every day and prays “Today is a day you, God, can touch someone through me.”

Caroline is a 2003 nursing school graduate who is the deputy nurse officer in charge of the Operating Room. Her mother worked in the Tenwek pharmacy; the nursing school opened when Caroline was in primary school. She remembers that the hospital staff and teachers were always very nice – that prompted her to become a nurse.

Caroline began her nursing studies at Tenwek in 1999. Her class was the first one to receive diplomas and she was one of the top students. Following graduation, Caroline worked in pediatrics, casualty, and outpatient areas. She then asked for a leave to pursue education that would prepare her for service in the OR. The nursing school president vouched for Caroline’s excellent school record and she was awarded a full sponsorship for a year of study and training.

Caroline again did very well in her studies. Returning to Tenwek, she was assigned to infection prevention management, followed by promotion to her current position. Caroline believes “God has blessed me with a gift of responsibility and management,” and continues to place her in leadership positions.

Eliud graduated from Tenwek’s nursing school in 2008 and is working in the High Dependency Unit at Tenwek.

As a child, Elius wanted to work in the medical field; his brother trained at Tenwek. He recalls that his nursing school teachers were wonderful and dedicated. “They followed students to make sure they were doing their work. They were friendly and assisted however they could.”

One of Eliud’s most memorable cases took place last year. Two children, ages 8 and 10 were admitted with severe burns over 40 percent of their bodies, including their faces. Eliud and other staff cared for the children for several months; only one of the patients survived. Eliud praises God that they were able to save a life during months of hospital care.

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