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Update: Ngito Water Bore Project Delayed by Drilling Problems

Water BoreEarlier this year, FOT helped fund the initial drilling process for a water bore at the Ngito Dispensary. Unfortunately, after several attempts to drill – on occasion even reaching over 200 meters down – the drillers encountered bedrock. Over the two month period during which drilling was underway, two drill bits were destroyed. The contractor now is reviewing the land survey to determine a new location for another drilling. Because of the problems encountered, the contractor has offered to pay for the next drill bit that will be needed.

A reliable supply of water at the dispensary compound is critical to its success – particularly since there are plans to make it the site of a small hospital for the area. Please add your prayers to ours for the success of the next water bore drilling. We will provide an update in the next newsletter.
Pictured at left: Dr, Michael Chupp and Dr. Moses Tanoi at the Ngito Dispensary water bore site.

Update: Construction of New Eye/Dental Building at Tenwek

Dental Building ConceptTenwek’s Eye Department continues to be one of the most proactive departments in terms of evangelism and missions. Dr. Ben Roberts recently traveled with some of his staff to South Sudan where they performed cataract surgeries. Tenwek is moving forward with plans to construct a new building on the hospital campus that will be dedicated to eye and dental care, two urgent areas of health care in Kenya.

The hospital is soliciting bids from at least five contractors for the building project and is on track to break ground for the facility in February 2014. Pictured at left: the proposed design for the new eye/dental building. 

An American contractor from California, whose wife has served at Tenwek as a surgeon in the past, has agreed to come to Tenwek and help with the construction project. Hospital administrators are still awaiting work on the status of the Phase 2 grant they have requested through the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad program of USAID. In the meantime, Dr. Roberts continues to raise funds for Phase 1 of the project; approximately $170,000 is still needed. 

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