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Nursing SchoolTenwek’s School of Nursing provides an exceptional nursing education to 80 enrolled students annually. The program, which requires three and one-half years of study to complete, grants diplomas that qualify students for service as midwives, general nurses, or community health nurses. With Tenwek’s five-year Master Plan envisioning the addition of 200 beds, the need for qualified and committed nurses has never been greater. The growth of the hospital will necessarily demand a growth in the number of nursing professionals qualified to serve.

Currently each year, 20 new students are accepted to the program to replace the graduating students. The School of Nursing, which is accredited by the Nursing Council of Kenya, has been given permission to expand to 40 students per year.

Training is delivered by 12 faculty members in a cyclical pattern: students attend classroom training for 13 weeks and then participate in a clinical rotation to practice what they have learned.

The current nursing school facilities include two classrooms; a laboratory with medical equipment and models for training; a library with medical volumes and three laptop computers available for online research; and a modest housing unit with a kitchen and small common area for socializing. The 80 students share use of seven other laptop computers and the library is planning to add several more for research purposes.

Nursing school leaders hope to increase enrollment gradually by rotating in two groups of 20 students at different times in the year to reach the enrollment approved by the Nursing Council of Kenya. In the interim, they plan to increase enrollment to 30 students. The tuition cost for one student for the full program, including room and board, is $5,937 in U.S. dollars. With some accepted students unable to meet that full expense, the school has established a revolving fund, sustained by donors, to assist students. There are no plans to increase tuition, but an existing budget deficit must be addressed.

The hospital has developed comprehensive plans for an addition to the nursing school that would include additional hostels, several new classrooms, and a larger kitchen/dining area to accommodate the expected growth in the program. FOT intends to spearhead fundraising for this project, as well as provide funding to meet tuition needs. More details will be announced soon.

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