Community Health

Community Health and Development

Tenwek Hospital’s Community Health and Development program (TCHD) operates in six districts of south western Kenya, dramatically improving the lives of families and communities in the region.

A holistic ministry conducted in cooperation with local pastors, TCHD focuses on bringing God’s hope to individuals, families, and communities through primary healthcare and community development projects. As a result, lives are improved and local churches are strengthened and empowered.



TCHD addresses the following broad areas of need:

  • HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment
  • Safe and accessible water
  • Food security, hygiene and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Gainful employment
  • Equipping local churches for holistic ministry

Specific TCHD projects include:

  • Training students, teachers, and youth leaders in the “Why Wait?” character-formation curriculum
  • Constructing rain water tanks to collect and store clean water at area schools
  • Establishing food banks, providing mango seedlings, building sanitary latrines in schools, and distributing mosquito nets
  • Promoting dairy goats and drought resistant crops
  • Arranging apprenticeships in skilled trades (i.e. tailoring and carpentry)
  • Mobilizing local churches to assist AIDS orphans
  • Training church leaders for effective ministry that models Jesus Christ