Chaplaincy Program

Tenwek’s Chaplains

Tenwek ChapelTenwek Hospital stands apart from other hospitals with its emphasis on ministering to people’s spiritual needs by addressing their physical problems with compassionate and excellent medical care. This focus makes the hospital’s chaplaincy program a central component of its medical and spiritual mission and is reflected in a serious goal the hospital sets each year: leading 5,000 individuals to faith in Jesus Christ.

Tenwek’s chaplains work in concert with the medical staff to ensure that every patient treated there has the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Chaplains use the Scriptures to encourage patients who are emotionally impacted by their illness or who are facing disability or death. They also reach out to comfort and help the families and friends of patients.

When patients are discharged, they receive a Bible (provided by Samaritan’s Purse) and a letter from a hospital chaplain that they are encouraged to bring to a nearby pastor so they can join a church community and grow in their faith.

Chaplains also visit hospice patients in the community and, for the last several years, have been translating tracts into local dialects. A children’s church sponsored by the chaplaincy program serves some 200 local children.

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