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FOT is pleased to introduce you to one of the Kenyan leaders serving at Tenwek Hospital, Rev. Elijah Bii.

 From its founding, Tenwek Hospital has emphasized the intersection of faith in Christ with physical healing. And the hospital’s medical missionaries are passionate about the advancement of medical missions around Kenya, leading eye care and surgical care teams to serve many remote and unreached people across the region. The missionaries’ desire has been to get all members of the hospital staff excited about sharing the gospel and God’s love through medical missions outreach.

Today, the many facets of spiritual ministry at Tenwek include the Chaplaincy School, the hospital chapel (Bethesda Church), medical mission outreach (i.e. Missions Emphasis Committee and South Sudan Eye team), and the Christian Union. Last fall, hospital leaders consolidated these initiatives under one leadership team and in June appointed Rev. Elijah Bii as Spiritual Ministries Director.

Rev Bii had just returned to Tenwek after departing to earn his Master’s degree in theology. He had previously served as pastor of Bethesda Africa Gospel Church, which meets within the hospital gates. His wife, Beatrice, has been the secretary to Tenwek Hospital’s CEO for nearly 20 years.

As the Spiritual Ministries Director, Rev. Bii will help all Tenwek staff members to grow spiritually. For example, he visits and prays daily with different staff teams or departments at the hospital. By the end of the week, he often has met with 15 groups of people. Rev. Bii also will facilitate the sending out of more missionaries and medical teams around Kenya.

One major event Rev. Bii recently helped initiate at Tenwek is the Medical Missions Emphasis Week. This celebration featured testimonies of many Tenwek staff who have participated in medical missions in recent months. One group traveled to South Sudan and performed cataract surgery on over 400 people. This ministry resulted in many testimonies of God’s grace and healing touch.

The health coordinator at the Samaritan’s Purse Hospital in Maban, South Sudan where the surgeries took place, wrote: The presence of your team has been a huge success right from their arrival. We have had huge turnout of patients and the need for eye care is overwhelming. Your team has so far done a record 314 eye surgeries by the close of day today and the excitement of the blind seeing is sweeping across the whole Maban County and beyond. Both young and elderly are camping at the hospital waiting for their turn of surgery, reminding me of the story of the invalid man who stayed by the pool for the angels to stir the water. The sight of a blind person led by a stick as they walk into hospital and later walk by themselves after cataract surgery is the most liberating experience I have ever witnessed in the recent past. I can never express my gratitude enough to your professional, committed, dedicated, efficient, and God fearing team. I can say without fear of contradiction that your team have not only touched the eyes of the patients but more so their hearts!”

Rev. Bii’s desire is that Tenwek would receive, train and send out ministers and medical professionals throughout Africa. His vision is to plant both churches and hospitals in unreached areas by sending medical teams to those areas that will create an entry point for ministers to follow and begin churches. Once churches are started, hospitals and clinics can be planted as well.

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