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Tenwek Staff Profile
FOT is pleased to introduce you to a husband and wife team who are among the Kenyan leaders serving at Tenwek Hospital.

web-towettsPhilip and Annah Towett share an awesome responsibility: ensuring excellence in nursing at Tenwek Hospital.

As Deputy Director of the Tenwek College of Health Sciences, (formerly the School of Nursing) as well as an instructor, Philip ensures that the school continues to graduate skilled and compassionate nurses who will provide excellent care for their patients. Many graduates remain to begin their nursing careers at Tenwek, while others are recruited by hospitals throughout Kenya.

As Tenwek’s Nursing Officer-In-Charge, Annah oversees all aspects of Tenwek’s nursing staff. The hospital employs over 170 nurses and uses a 12-hour, two-shift rotation.

For both Philip and Annah, Tenwek is familiar ground. They were both students in the School of Nursing, with Philip being one class year ahead of Annah. They met at the school and were married in 1998, after both graduated. Both have forged long, respected careers there – fulfilling a variety of positions through the years – and both have benefitted from the wise counsel and guidance of trusted mentors.

Philip had been active in community service during his high school years and felt called to be a nurse. He first learned about Tenwek’s nursing school from his brother, who worked at the hospital. Following graduation, he worked in the neonatal unit for two years. With the encouragement of his mentor, he then pursued additional training in family health. When he returned to Tenwek, he worked in pediatrics.

In 2002, Philip began teaching at the nursing school and several years later, became the Nursing Officer in-Charge for the hospital’s inpatient services. In 2009, he fulfilled a long-time desire to earn a bachelor’s degree and acknowledges he could never have done it without the support of his mentors and many friends. He returned to teach community health at the Tenwek School of Nursing and advanced to his current position in 2011.

Philip’s goal for the Tenwek College of Health Sciences is to continue to maintain the high standards and quality reputation for nursing education by which it is known throughout Kenya, while adding new specialty classes in areas such as ophthalmology and intensive care.

Annah’s desire to be a nurse formed in her during high school. Following her nursing school graduation in 1996, she worked in the hospital’s newborn and maternity units. She later pursued training as a Registered Community Health Nurse. When she returned to Tenwek, she worked for several years in Critical Care, Hospital Nurse Coverage, Casualty, CCC, and later as the Assistant Nursing Officer-In-Charge.  In 2007, Annah was named to her current leadership position.

Annah sees great value in Tenwek’s nurses acquiring bachelor’s level training.  She also envisions training nurses in specialty areas and building capacity in the trauma, emergency room, and intensive care areas.

The Towetts have three children; Ezra, age 10 is in fifth grade; daughter Mercy is age 12 and in grade six. Their oldest child, Faith, is 17 and a recent high school graduate. She is attending university and studying pharmacy –returning perhaps someday to the very place where her parents met and have faithfully served for so many years.

Reflecting on her life’s journey and work, Annah affirms, “I know being at Tenwek is God’s assignment.”


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