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Bomet-Clinic-OPT-for-WEBNext year, Tenwek will open a new outpatient clinic in Bomet, at the site of a small hospital that was previously used by a Kenyan primary care physician for about 20 years. The clinic in Bomet is located close to government and private industry offices, a teacher’s college, and several banks. Tenwek administrators cite both the facility and the location as “perfect for us.”

Though the opportunity to purchase the facility emerged after Tenwek Hospital’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan was completed, it meets a key strategic objective of improving Kenyans’ access to medical services. The new clinic will significantly strengthen the hospital’s infrastructure and support the provision of quality services to the community.

The main goal of the new outpatient service, which will feature a “Fast Track Clinic,” is to attract and serve Kenyan business and professional workers who want to benefit from Tenwek’s expertise in patient care but are unable to utilize the hospital’s existing clinic because of the lengthy wait times. The average treatment time from start to finish at the hospital’s outpatient department is between five to six hours, which is not attractive to Kenyans with limited time available to leave work, school, and business activities to be seen by a doctor.

The expansion of Tenwek’s existing outpatient department has been constrained by severe space limitations. Acquiring and renovating this small hospital to serve as an in-community outpatient facility will improve access to care for Kenyans by bringing that care closer to the residents of Bomet. It also will enable Tenwek to significantly expand its outpatient capacity over the next five years.

As part of its year-end fundraising campaign, Friends of Tenwek is committed to raising $90,000 to help Tenwek Hospital purchase, renovate and equip the Bomet outpatient clinic.  You can make a secure, online gift to support this important project on the FOT website at: www.

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