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Hannah-Velling-OPTHannah Velling is FOT’s communications intern – serving on-site at Tenwek Hospital to help us make essential connections with visiting U.S. physicians and gather the news and information we need to keep all FOT supporters informed about what’s happening at Tenwek today. Hannah is a 2013 graduate of Wheaton College who majored in psychology. In addition to providing administrative and other support to hospital leaders, Hannah organizes the weekly dinner meetings FOT sponsors for visiting physicians and coordinates information received from doctors who want to become members of FOT.

Hannah’s enthusiasm for her job and her creativity and talent resulted in the creation of the Friends of Tenwek Facebook page, which she curates at: Hannah’s work also is evident in many of the stories in the FOT newsletter where she contributed her writing and photography.

Here is how Hannah describes her work for FOT:

As the Friends of Tenwek Intern, I not only have the chance to develop communication skills, work on grant projects, and develop relationships with visiting and long term staff, but I get to have a blast doing it! The opportunities that arise in this position are endless. One day I’ll be out in the community helping the medical team administer vaccines to children, and the next I’ll be meeting with the Principle of the Nursing School trying to develop a strategy to help support their students. Every day is different, but that’s the beauty of this job – you get to be creative! Stepping into the Tenwek community can be challenging but keeping your ear to the ground to hear what the Lord is doing is the best way to stay involved and invested. Being a part of Friends of Tenwek has taught me that obedience to the Lord’s call, and love for Him and others, will always lead to where He wants you to be. 

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