Posted on Sep 3, 2014 · Posted in News

FOT-Logo-OPTFriends of Tenwek is pleased to introduce its new logo! The design was created by staff at Silent Images, a nonprofit organization based in North Carolina that provides charities with professional photography and video services that educate and inspire viewers to give, go, and pray.

Previously, FOT used the Tenwek Hospital logo to illustrate its commitment to fostering communication among U.S. physicians who have served at Tenwek Hospital and support Tenwek’s mission to treat patients in the name of Jesus and its unique “teaching-sending” ministry.

According to Dr. David Hoover, the “fish” symbol in the middle represents “the work of Christ in the world – to bring everlasting peace. The adjoined figures convey the partnership of FOT and Tenwek – with each of us unable to exist without being Christ-centered in our walk. The symbol also truly illustrates how friends in Kenya walk together.” FOT has incorporated the new logo into its website design and refreshed the site with many new photos.

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