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Tenwek’s new Health Management Information System is now serving Tenwek’s outpatient and emergency departments with full implementation hospital-wide expected by year’s end. The wireless laptop system has made a tremendous difference in the hospital’s ability to efficiently manage its finance and billing systems. It has helped physicians and staff demonstrate to sometimes skeptical patients that there is no favoritism in how patient care is delivered.

HMIS BedsideThe use of electronic records had increased efficiency, reduced patient waiting times, and eliminated lost files. These milestone achievements are appreciated by Tenwek’s young Kenyan staff and patients, who are enthusiastic about the improvements.

The expense for creating the new system, however, has been substantial. The project required ten times more customization than anticipated. FOT has pledged $140,000 for the HMIS project; to date, $25,000 has been provided to Tenwek. The balance of funds needed to meet the project’s $466,000 total budget have been coming directly from the hospital’s operating budget and cash reserves as bills are received. Tenwek administrators have been willing to use reserves because completing the project is critical to maintain the patient care improvements and financial records momentum that has been achieved.

FOT is soliciting contributions to provide another installment of the remaining $115,000 funds pledged to Tenwek for this important project. A cash infusion to the project now would provide significant relief to Tenwek during a very challenging budget year at the hospital.  Your consideration of this urgent need is greatly appreciated.

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