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The installation of a CT scanner at Tenwek Hospital last year was the culmination of a unique collaborative effort that will have impact for years to come. Working together, the Friends of Tenwek (FOT); Toshiba Medical Systems; neurosurgeon Bert E. Park, M.D. of Independence, Missouri; Bob Pagett, founding president of Assist International; local architects and contractors; and Tenwek’s medical, IT, and facilities management staff, were able to procure and install the CT scanner.  

FOT’s role in acquiring the CT scanner included securing a matching gift of $350,000 from a private U.S. foundation to support the installation of the CT scanner in a dedicated facility. The scanner was commissioned and consecrated in September 2011.

The CT scanner will benefit patients from throughout the surrounding Bomet region and those beyond who are referred to Tenwek for specialty care. It is the only such diagnostic tool available within a three-hour drive of Tenwek Hospital. The acquisition of the scanner already has contributed to a significant improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous pathologies.  

Currently, Tenwek has no full-time staff radiologist and depends upon the services provided by U.S. radiologists who visit Tenwek for short and intermediate-term assignments. Dr. Read Vaughn, a radiologist from Kalispell, Montana, has practiced and taught Tenwek medical residents during multiple visits in recent years. In addition to his ongoing service at the hospital, he is now recruiting and coordinating a schedule for visiting U.S. radiologists to ensure that the hospital has full coverage throughout the year. Radiologists interested in serving at Tenwek are encouraged to contact Dr. Vaughn at

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