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Friends of Tenwek has contributed $25,000 as a first step to help raise $466,000 for the comprehensive upgrade to Tenwek’s outdated and inadequate hospital management information system (HMIS).

Dr. John R. Spriegel, acting medical superintendent of Tenwek Hospital, describes the need:

HMIS“People used to visit Tenwek to see the system designed by a former Tenwek missionary and his staff, which kept our cashiers honest and our patient accounts orderly.  But as our equipment and software aged, the hospital became busier and more sophisticated.  The aged software made us unable to replace our archaic equipment, and Tenwek became in need of a radical makeover.  After nearly a year of evaluation, review, and discussion, Tenwek has found a way forward.

“For many, improved financial decision making was a driving force in jumping into a hospital management information system (HMIS).  And our first implementation step, scheduled for mid-April, is to switch from Excel spreadsheets to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (“Navision”) as the accounting software of Tenwek Hospital.  This corporate software will have the power and sophistication to move Tenwek one large leap ahead.  New payroll and HR software will follow close behind.

“The crowning step of computer integration is the paperless electronic health record (EHR); Tenwek has selected Kranium software for their EHR.  Training is underway, and implementation will begin with outpatient charting, laboratory, pharmacy and inventory.  Once outpatient care is running smoothly on Kranium, inpatient care will follow.  By June, our EHR should be fully operational.

“In order to make the EHR rapid and reliable, Tenwek’s IT infrastructure is being expanded and upgraded.  Our new server room and IT office give a professional appearance to our IT department; our new back up room helps us maintain a necessary standard of data safety.  And we are radically upgrading our local area network (LAN) and wireless network so that staff will be able to logon to work anywhere within the clinical services portion of the hospital.

“Installing Cyberoam will upgrade our antivirus and security protection, and optimize our ability to control internet access on a site-by-site and machine-by-machine basis.  Upgrading to the professional version of ClearCanvas will enable Xray and CT viewing by Apple computers and anybody with a web browser on Tenwek’s network.  Overall, Tenwek’s IT department is experiencing a radical makeover.

“Patient care at Tenwek will experience a huge step forward once all personnel are fluent with the use of the system.”

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