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tenwek hospitalAll 20 members of the most recent graduating class from Tenwek’s School of Nursing have passed Kenya’s Nursing Council exams and are now on staff at Tenwek! With more than 2,200 students from 50 nursing schools taking the exams, Tenwek was one of just five schools with a 100% pass rate – an accomplishment that places it in the top tier of the country’s nursing schools.

Tenwek’s plans to increase bed capacity and expand medical services depend upon recruiting a growing number of highly qualified nurses. Increasing enrollment in the nursing school is critical to meet this staffing demand, as well as to train nurses for service throughout Kenya in keeping with Tenwek’s “teaching-sending” mission. The Nursing Council of Kenya has approved an enrollment increase of up to 40 students per class. Ninety-four nursing students are enrolled in the three and one-half year program where they are being trained as midwives, general nurses, or community health nurses. Each class currently numbers 30 students.

One infrastructure initiative that is vital to sustain the nursing school’s growth is the construction of a new dining hall. Today, nursing students must eat in shifts in an outdated facility that seats less than 60. The new dining hall will seat 200, making it more efficient and effective to schedule classroom, laboratory, and clinic assignments. The new construction will allow the existing dining area to be renovated as additional student housing, maximizing available space to meet another significant need.

As part of its 2014 year-end appeal, Friends of Tenwek has identified this project as critical to the growth and success of the nursing school and is committed to raising $80,000 for the construction project. You can make a secure, online gift in support of this major project on the FOT website at: www.

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