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oxygen-compressor-webIn August, when the oxygen compressor that services Tenwek Hospital began to screech, both the medical and the maintenance staff recognized the problem.  Installed in 1994, the compressor and air concentrator system supplies all oxygen and suction throughout the hospital. Without a reliable source of oxygen, the lives of Tenwek patients who depend upon ventilators would be in jeopardy. Within two weeks, the compressor completely failed and the hospital faced a daunting emergency.

As has happened so many times in Tenwek’s history, God demonstrated His faithfulness through the faith and generosity of His people. A couple heard about the equipment failure and stepped forward to provide FOT with the $30,000 needed to purchase a new oxygen compressor. Providentially, the equipment was available in Kenya and was quickly purchased and installed.

“We are most grateful for the generous contribution that allowed us to safely continue our delivery of medical care at Tenwek Hospital,” said Dr. Stephen Burgert, Tenwek’s Medical Superintendent and the Director of Endoscopy Services. “The installation of the new oxygen compressor definitely saved lives. It is working very well and we have been able to resume full ventilator and surgical care for our patients.”

Dr. Read Vaughan, a member of the FOT Board and a radiologist who has repeatedly visited and served at Tenwek for the last nine years, notes that his experience has made him acutely aware that in order for Tenwek to continue to share God’s love and the Gospel with the Kenyan people through high quality medical care, there has to be a hospital building filled with both equipment and Christian personnel.

“It takes selfless, generous people like these donors to make that happen,” he explains. “Like an X-ray machine, an oxygen concentrator doesn’t speak and directly share the gospel – but it allows a surgeon to operate effectively or patients to be on ventilators to save their lives. These events lead to the opportunity for patients and their families to hear the good news of Christ’s redeeming love for them.”

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