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Friends of Tenwek has been granted 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service! This means FOT is able to directly solicit and receive donations that are deemed tax-deductible from our supporters. We are deeply grateful to World Gospel Mission for the assistance they provided in collecting gifts during the time we waited for this approval.

Tenwek-Motto-signWith this hurdle cleared, we are more focused than ever on building the Friends of Tenwek community.

FOT is dedicated to developing relationships and resources that will help Tenwek Hospital fulfill its mission.  Our goal is to establish a dedicated “alumni association” of physicians who have served at Tenwek Hospital and want to be informed about, involved with, and financially supportive of what’s happening at Tenwek today.

To fulfill these goals, we explored various ways of creating a reliable revenue stream that will help us both build FOT connections and provide critical support for special projects at Tenwek. Numerous supporters have indicated the desire to make regular, monthly gifts to sustain our work.

With this in mind, we are introducing the Sustaining Friends program – an opportunity for Tenwek supporters to make regular monthly gifts at a specified level that is appropriate to the stage of your medical career. For your convenience, we have arranged for the monthly gifts to be charged to a credit card of your choice.

The Sustaining Friends levels of support are:

  • Medical Student – $10 per month
  • Medical Resident – $25 per month
  • Attending MD – $100 / $150/ $200 per month

We are working with an online donor service to process all one-time and recurring gifts and pledges. To make your gift online, please visit the FOT website at:

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