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Medical Trainee Housing Project Underway

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As reported in the Spring 2014 issue of Tenwek Today, Tenwek Hospital need to construct additional housing facilities for the increasing number of physicians and students enrolled in its medical and surgical residency and internship programs. In January, two new orthopedic residents joined 45 other trainees including family practice, surgery residents, Kenyan medical students, interns, and visiting U.S. students. Thanks to an overwhelming response from private donors, the $350,000+ in funds needed to complete Phase I of the construction were received and the groundbreaking was held in May. When completed, the facility will include two separate, three-story buildings with several small apartments for married residents and dormitory-style housing for interns and medical students.

Water Bore Project Challenges Continue

The ongoing effort to provide a potable water supply to the Ngito Dispensary, one of Tenwek’s satellite health centers, continues to be a challenge. During multiple attempts to dig and install a water bore hole, workers reached depths of more than 600 feet without finding water. In the process, two drill bits were ruined. In May, FOT Board Chair Dr. David Hoover met with Tenwek’s chief administrator Geoffrey Langat to reassure him that the pledged FOT funding necessary to successfully complete the project was assured. Three more surveys are being conducted to identify other potential water sources.

HMIS Project Nears Completion

The massive project of overhauling Tenwek’s outdated computer systems is nearly complete. The project – for which FOT contributed $110,000 – has created and integrated electronic patient records; streamlined patient accounting; improved payroll processing and personnel records; and enhanced the hospital’s ability to monitor, assess, and forecast its financial information. With this project, Tenwek Hospital is possibly the first hospital in all of sub-Saharan Africa to go essentially “paperless.” As a result, Tenwek’s patient care and administrative operations are significantly improved. Tenwek medical providers have been pleasantly

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