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Mercy Fund-Page 3Last fall, FOT established the Mercy Fund to help pay for the medical care of children who live in one of the five orphanages surrounding Tenwek and receive medical treatment at the hospital. As of the end of December 2014, the Mercy Fund has paid over $1000 in medical fees for children; $300 was for outpatient care and the balance for inpatient care.

The donated funds make a tremendous impact: the base cost for a one day/night inpatient stay at Tenwek Hospital is 1,950 Kenyan Shillings (about one-half of an average weekly wage in the region). The equivalent is $21 U.S. dollars.

FOT’s on-site communications intern, Amy Stoddard, has seen first-hand the impact the fund is making. She reports, “After having visited several of the homes and meeting the children, I have seen how impossible obtaining health care would be for them. Without the Mercy Fund, they would have to delay care until it was ‘critical’ or maybe not have it all. It also would have put a burden on the directors of the home to find money to provide for their healthcare, as they are already struggling to provide the basic needs.”

The availability of these funds dedicated to medical care relieves the children’s relatives (often grandparents) from the burden of having to pay hospital bills from their own limited resources. If there are no relatives, the orphanage would pay for the care from its general funds; so, as Amy noted, the Mercy Fund also helps the orphanage directors by enabling them to use the general funds for other purposes. The fund also means that Tenwek doesn’t need to tap into its own emergency fund for the poor, leaving more money available for the care of other patients who cannot pay.

As the fund draws from its founding gift of $10,000, FOT will replenish it with new gifts from donors.

To  make a secure, online gift to the Mercy Fund, please visit:

Checks also can be mailed to:
Friends of Tenwek, Inc.
6277-600 Carolina Commons Drive
Box 191
Indian Land, SC 29707

All gifts are tax-deductible.

In the photo above: This child from the Kenduiwo orphanage was admitted with a severe case of tuberculosis. His care was paid for by the Mercy Fund.


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