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Franklin Graham asked me to go to Tenwek in 1980 to fill in doing surgery for Dr. Ernie Steury who had to be in the States for awhile. I was there for six weeks with my wife, Paulletta. Dr. Richard Morse and a visiting radiologist were the only other physicians there. Electricity was available until 9 p.m. each day by diesel generator; gloves were hung on the line to dry and be reused; anesthesia was by spinal, ketamine and valium only.

I came back to Tenwek this year for three months at the request of Dr. Mike Chupp to help in surgery with the training of ten African physician-surgeons in their Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons program. (By God’s grace, I had the opportunity of helping train Dr. Chupp in the 80s in Indiana during his own residency.)

God has made Tenwek Hospital into a great training center for Christian Africans to carry the message of the gospel of Christ together with His compassion to their own people. The hospital has not only continued to be a major care center for this part of Kenya, but now has become an extremely important training center for Christian African nurses, physicians, and chaplains so that they in turn can continue the work among their own people.

Tenwek is a great place to serve medically and spiritually.

The most compelling experience at Tenwek is the experience of looking into faces of the Kenyans in clinic. They tell a story of neglect, disappointment, suffering, and extreme repeated sorrow. They are faces of anxiety mingled with hope – hope that here, at Tenwek, with the doctors and nurses and with the love and compassion of Jesus, they will at last find relief, comfort, freedom from fear and pain…healing.

These faces turned my heart and may they turn your heart as you too are given the great privilege, the opportunity, the reward of coming personally to Tenwek and sharing in the great ministry of love, the ministry to broken hearts! “He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom…to release from darkness…to comfort all who mourn…to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness.”

Tenwek is a great place to serve medically and spiritually. I have a lasting gratefulness to the Lord for allowing me to participate in a small way in this great ministry. Go with much prayer, with the humility of a true servant’s heart, quietness of mind, great patience and persistence, and gratefulness to our suffering Savior for the chance to minister to a very needy people and you will be greatly rewarded!

Dr. Lovett is a surgeon from Wintersprings, FL

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