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FOT Donors make a difference!

Page-2-Photo-Nursing-School-Dining-Hall-for-webTo date, generous donors have enabled FOT to contribute $35,000 towards this important expansion project for Tenwek’s School of Nursing. Only $65,000 is now needed to fund completion of both the new dining hall and the new dormitory space that was made possible by renovation of the existing dining hall.

Nurses have an irreplaceable role at Tenwek.  They are the “24-7-365” staff that physicians and patients rely on for vital services. Nurses are in constant contact with patients and are trained to be critical thinkers who can discern the treatment a patient needs and provide doctors with important clinical assessments. Doctors rely on nurses to guide patients through the therapeutic process and help patients understand what needs to be done.


Mr. Towett, deputy principal of the School of Nursing, explains, “The nurses are the eyes for the blind and mouth for the mute. They are there to relieve both physical and spiritual pain. Here at our program we train nurses to meet the patient’s physical and spiritual needs, and to meet the needs with passion and joy.“

Tenwek’s nurses are trained in three areas: general nursing, midwifery, and community health. In addition, nurses spend eight weeks on a psychiatric unit. All nurses are expected to have knowledge and competency in all areas at any moment while on the job. As Tenwek expands its number of beds and range of services, more nurses are needed; graduates also are in great demand by hospitals throughout the country.

The construction of the new dining hall is an essential piece of Tenwek’s plan for growth in the nursing school – an eagerly anticipated expansion that has already been approved by the Nursing Council of Kenya. When its construction is complete in January 2016, renovations to transform the existing dining area into additional student housing will begin shortly after. This will enable the school to enroll more students. The new dining hall will seat 200 students, making it more efficient to schedule classroom, laboratory, and clinic assignments.

In addition to the expansion opportunity that the new dining hall makes possible, there are very practical reasons for the nursing students who have committed their lives to helping others.  “Our students hardly have space to eat,” notes Mr. Towett. “Currently they go out to eat which makes them spend money that they should and wish they could save. I am very excited for the new dining hall because soon we could have even more Christ-glorifying stories to tell the world.”

You can help us complete this important project. FOT is accepting gifts through the end of 2015 to help ensure that the project can be completed on schedule and position the School of Nursing to begin expanding enrollment in the coming year. Please visit to make your tax-deductible gift. Thank you for your support of this transformative project.


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