Children’s Homes Offer Hope

Bemm Family with orphans

Chuck and Amy and Bemm have a shared call to service in Kenya: Dr. Bemm, a pediatrician, as a full-time medical missionary at Tenwek Hospital and Amy in full-time service at three children’s homes operated by Africa Gospel Churches in the surrounding area. The need to provide care to a generation of children whose families have been destroyed by AIDS is acute. When no loving adults are responsible for these orphans, they become victims of exploitation and forced labor.

When the Bemms arrived at Tenwek in 2004, the first children’s home Amy visited was caring for 29 orphans; today over 150 children, ages 4-19 are cared for in the three homes. Yet the number of orphans who remain on their own is overwhelming.  Many are virtually enslaved as “house servants,” but are barely clothed, receive little to eat, earn below-subsistence wages, do not attend school, and have no hope for a better life.

The goal is to provide Compassionate Care in the name of Christ. Children are clothed, housed, fed, provided healthcare, and educated. But most of all, the homes provide the love, warmth, and security to help them recover from the trauma they have often experienced. Each home needs approximately $1,500 monthly to provide for the children’s daily living: food, milk, firewood for cooking, and other necessities. 

OrphansThough schooling is technically “free” in Kenya, students are required to purchase uniforms, textbooks, and supplies – an expense of approximately $100 per child that the homes struggle to provide. Even more pressing is the need for funds to support children who want to attend high school and beyond. Over 100 high school students are currently sponsored by the ministry. However, only one student is being sponsored in a higher education program, due to the high cost. Each year, several qualified students are unable to pursue university study due to lack of funds.  


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