Advancing Radiology at Tenwek: The Work Continues

In the last five years, through gifts to the ART Project (Advancing Radiology at Tenwek), generous and faithful donors have provided over $300,000 to transform the Radiology Department at Tenwek Hospital. Your gifts have been carefully and thoughtfully applied to remodel and equip this important diagnostic function at the hospital.
Follow Dr. Read Vaughan on a guided tour of the renovated facilities. Then read  on to see “before and after” photos of what your gifts have accomplished – and how you can help bring patient care at Tenwek to a new level!

Tenwek Radiology from Dean COWLES on Vimeo.

Efficiency – Privacy – Dignity

In addition to much-needed equipment upgrades, the extensive remodel created new entrances, a more spacious and sheltered waiting area, a and more efficient traffic flow. A cluttered file room was transformed into an inviting break space for busy technicians. The changes have significantly improved operations, access, and efficiency and have preserved the privacy and dignity of people seeking vital diagnostic care.


Left: The crowded Radiology Department reception area
prior to renovations.


Right: The new reception area.






Left: The previous waiting area was open to the elements and had no direct access to the reception area.

Right: The remodeled waiting area is more accomodating, has a direct entrance to the Radiology clinic, and protective roofing.



Two portable Sonosite Ultrasound machines were provided to Tenwek with ART funding.






Left: One of the old X-Ray machines Tenwek was using. The equipment was more than 25 years old, required frequent repairs, and had no capability for fluoroscopy.

Right: The new Quantum X-Ray machine, made possible by generous donors. Photo was taken at the dedication of the newly installed equipment in 2014.



Left: This old file/storage room was consuming valuable space.

Right: During the remodeling, the room was transformed to a welcoming “Break Room” where busy technicians and physicians can rest, refresh, and recharge. An overnight sleep room also was added for on-call technologists.


Will you help us take another step forward to advance radiology and bring patient care at Tenwek to a new level?

Tenwek’s Radiology Department currently performs over 3,000 CT scans annually. Readings are done by visiting radiologists who work on-site for 30-34 weeks each year. For the remaining 20 weeks, scans are read by 36 volunteer radiologists across the U.S. and Canada, using the Nucleus cloud-based teleradiology image-sharing system.

Tenwek has expanded its specialty medical care to the areas of Pediatric Surgery and Neurosurgery and has added a Cardiothoracic Fellowship. The existing CT equipment cannot support these initiatives. Tenwek is currently using a Toshiba 4-slice CT scanner that is 18 years old and was installed in 2011. It is now obsolete in the United States and is expensive and difficult to maintain with service calls answered from South Africa!


Tenwek Hospital has placed a provisional purchase order for a Siemens 64-slice “Go Up” CT Scanner. It will be the fastest CT machine in Kenya and will be serviced and maintained from vendors in Nairobi at a fraction of current costs. It will allow Tenwek to meet the demands of the new specialties and provide vital Computed Tomographic Angiography for lung, brain, and abdominal aneurysms. It also will allow for high resolution Multi-Planar Reconstructions for diagnosis and surgical planning.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 of the $298,000 cost for this state-of-the-art scanner. 


In addition to the CT Scanner, we have identified these additional priorities that will help Tenwek launch a new era of patient care:

  • Purchase a portable Turbo Sonosite Ultrasound machine for use at the Bomet Annex, Tenwek’s new outpatient clinic located in the heart of the City of Bomet ($25,000)
  • Install Digital Radiology systems to replace Computed Radiology ($70,000)
  • Acquire a refurbished Digital  Radiology and Fluoroscopy machine ($40,000)
  • Acquire a Digital Portable X-Ray machine ($40,000)

These upgrades – which U.S.-based radiologists would not consider working without – will have a significant impact on Tenwek’s ability to address the most complex and challenging medical needs.

We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!

Since 2013, your generosity has enabled us to partner with Tenwek on the improvements to its Radiology Department that are saving lives every day. You have trusted us to use the funds you have provided to advance the medical and spiritual care that Tenwek provides to thousands of patients each year. Can we count on you again to demonstrate your support for Tenwek’s “We Treat-Jesus Heals” mission?

To make your gift online, please use this secure link:

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To send a gift by check, please make it payable to Friends of Tenwek, indicate “Radiology/ART Fund” in the memo line, and send to:
Friends of Tenwek, Inc.
6277-600 Carolina Common
Box 191
Indian Land, SC 29707

Thank you for your interest and support in Advancing Radiology at Tenwek Hospital!

To learn more about opportunities for short-term service in Tenwek’s Radiology Department, please go here.