Tabitha is a women’s Bible study ministry that was started by Linda Spriegel in 2005. What began with three Kenyan women who were eager to learn more of God’s word has grown into a vibrant network of women teaching other women. Today, over 1,000 women participate in small-group, weekly Bible study and prayer at 150 sites throughout the Tenwek Hospital region.

As women have studied God’s word, their faith and leadership ability has grown. Women and pastors from different churches are working together, many for the first time. As a result, area churches have been strengthened and empowered to care for their own poor. This has expanded the mission of Tabitha to include helping women in need by providing assistance and resources that enable them to care for themselves and their families.

In collaboration with local churches, Tabitha focuses resources in these specific areas by providing:

  • Bibles to all women who participate in the studies
  • Roofs to new homes after the foundation and walls have been built
  • Cows to families in need as a source of both sustenance and income
  • Seed money for small business projects

To date, Tabitha has:

  • Distributed 5-6,000 bible
  • Helped complete 80 houses with roofs
  • Provided 60 cows
  • Inspired 140 churches to catch a vision for helping their own poor

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