Children’s Home

Kenya, like most of Africa, is overwhelmed with orphans. Nearly an entire generation of parents has died of HIV/AIDS-related disease. Economic turmoil also has created broken families in which children are abandoned. When no loving adults are responsible for these orphans, they become victims of exploitation and forced labor. The need to rescue this generation of children for the future of Africa –to provide them with the basics of food, clothing, medical care, and education – is acute.

Tenwek missionaries have answered that call. The Pastor Paul Kenduiwo Children’s Home was established in 2004 by the Africa Gospel Churches to honor a pioneer of Kenyan churches. Pastor Kenduiwo worked tirelessly for more than 50 years to establish over 100 churches in the Tenwek region. He was greatly loved and respected for his compassionate ministry to widows and children.

The Kenduiwo Children’s Home was founded to help orphans with parents who had died from HIV/AIDS and were being raised by their grandmothers. The home provides shelter, food, education, healthcare, and spiritual instruction, as well as the love, warmth, security, and guidance children need to recover from the trauma they often have experienced.

The Mercy Fund

Moved by the love and care being provided to Kenyan children through a network of five orphanages near Tenwek Hospital, an anonymous donor worked with FOT to establish a fund that will be used to pay for the medical care of orphanage children who are treated at Tenwek. This creative and generous gift is called the Mercy Fund. You can learn more about the Mercy Fund here.