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CEO & FamilyGeoffrey Langat is the Chief Executive Officer at Tenwek Hospital. He began his career at Tenwek in 1993 as an administrative assistant. He had been working in Nairobi, following his graduation from a university in India, where he studied accounting. He met his wife, Elizabeth, at the university where she studied economics. Following her graduation, they were married in 1994 and began their family in 1995.

Geoffrey’s testimony is a powerful reminder that God has called gifted and committed individuals from near and far to invest in the ministry of healing at Tenwek Hospital.  In spite of criticism from his business grad peers for considering a job at a mission hospital in 1993, Geoffrey listened to some timely, sage advice from his grandmother that Tenwek Hospital would be the right choice for his early professional life and service. He says he has not regretted listening to his godly grandmother to this very day.

Elizabeth joined the Tenwek staff in 1996, working in the Central Supply department. “I always wanted to work in a Christian institution,” recalls Elizabeth. Thankfully Geoffrey took a job at Tenwek and allowed me to have an opportunity to work here. I want to serve Jesus Christ in whatever I do.”

Geoffrey has played a central role in Tenwek’s growth, especially in the last eight years since he took over the top leadership position at Tenwek. Under his leadership, the hospital has seen steady growth: staff now number over 750; the addition of a CT scanner in 2011; the expansion of the hydroelectric plant with a 650kVa turbine; stronger ties with multiple partners including American Schools and Hospitals Abroad, Christian Hospital Association of Kenya, and Kabarak University; and growing training programs, especially the Tenwek College of Health Sciences and multiple specialty residency programs, to name a few.

Both Geoffrey and Elizabeth believe that Tenwek’s success in drawing patients is because the hospital’s foundation is in Jesus Christ. “That’s how we started and how we will finish,” declares Elizabeth. “We always remind ourselves that we are here to be a rock for the community just like Peter was a rock for the church. And our staff – both Kenyan and expat – loves and serves Jesus Christ. This shows every time we see a patient.”

The Langats have four daughters: Abby (at Kenyatta University studying engineering); Brenda (Strathmore University), Cindy (at Sacho High School), and Debbie who attends the Ernie Steury Memorial Primary School at Tenwek.

The hospital also has had a tremendous personal impact on the Langat family. Their third child, Cindy, was born in 2001 with a congenital heart defect. She needed surgery, but there was no hospital in Kenya at that time performing cardiac surgery. Suddenly, a door was opened allowing them to travel to America for the care their daughter needed. With the help of friends and missionaries at Tenwek, the Langats raised the money for travel expenses. The surgery was successful and today their Cindy is thriving and enjoying high school.

“Every time we have a Cardiac Team here at Tenwek, they check her heart and there has never been an issue,” notes Elizabeth gratefully. “If God hadn’t brought us to Tenwek, we would never have had the love and support to get her surgery. I thank God every day for Tenwek and those that work here.”


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